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What_the_health-covWhat the Health is the groundbreaking follow-up film from the creators of the award winning documentary Cowspiracy. The film follows intrepid filmmaker Kip Andersen as he uncovers the secret to preventing and even reversing chronic diseases – and investigates why the nation’s leading health organizations don’t want us to know about it. With heart disease and cancer the leading causes of death in America, and diabetes at an all-time high, the film reveals possibly the largest health cover-up of our time.”

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C’était une belle journée pour prendre une marche dans le parc. Il ne faisait pas trop froid (un degré au dessus-de zéro) et le ciel était d’un riche bleu avec juste un peu de nuages. Cela faisait plusieurs semaines que je n’avais pas déambulé dans le parc, car avec la pluie (et le gel / dégel) les sentiers étaient trop glacés pour que la marche y soit reposante…

Je ne veux pas trop critiquer la nouvelle administration municipale (je suis de ceux qui croient que la hausse de taxes était nécessaire et qu’il faut donner à la nouvelle équipe le temps de faire ses preuves et d’apprendre de ses erreurs), toutefois je dois admettre que, comme les rues, les sentiers du parc étaient mieux déneigés par les années passées (du moins le sentier polyvalent et périphérique, puisque que les autres sentiers n’ont ouvert qu’à la fin d’août)… C’est sans doute excellent pour les raquetteurs et les skieurs de fond, mais un peu difficile pour les coureurs et les promeneurs du dimanche qui prennent une petite marche de santé en admirant la grandiose nature à laquelle nous sommes des plus reconnaissant d’enrichir notre urbanité.

J’ai tout de même hâte au printemps pour voir tout cela tapissé de fleurs et habité de criquets, bourdons, papillons et volatiles en tout genre! Pour l’instant ce n’est qu’un canevas blanc, un désert propre et javellisé, un écrin pour des boules de neige métallisées et un azur profond et inspirant, où l’on va pour purifier nos esprits citadins empesés par une vie à toute allure… Que c’est beau, toute de même, un parc en hiver.

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[iPhone 8+ avec Camera+ app, Parc Frédéric-Back, 2018-02-18]

Un parc en hiver

Notable News (W43 – W06)

So much happened in the last four months (since the last notable news entry), that I wouldn’t know where to start. I’ll try to recall the highlights, but I’ll try to be brief.

On the domestic front we had a bout of extreme cold (while in the opposite hemisphere they had the hottest weather in nearly eight decades!). For the rest of the time we had the (now) usual cycle of freeze (snow) / defreeze (rain) with more snow than usual (at least more than last year; 195 cm so far). At work it is the usual hell, but I guess I came to term with it, becoming more zen (i.e. no giving a f**k) but I am still set into trying to find another job (in a quieter library, some place closer to home, maybe some desk job but I would rather prefer to keep working with books).

My blog was hacked and I finally made a move to a proper WordPress hosting. It is still a work in progress (still lots of repair to do), but I am now very satisfied with the look of the new blog. Of course, I’ve been more busy working on the blog itself and I didn’t write as much as I would have liked (but, still, I kept busy with some reviews, an essay on the art of reviewing and some articles like a biographical notice, a bibliography update, indexes, etc).

I had lots of trouble to have the city cut a branch of the tree in front of our house because it was touching the electric wires. The expensive repair/renovation in the backyard & balcony couldn’t be completed before the arrival of the cold weather (bad planning and lots of wasted time). The stupid contractor didn’t even provide an invoice so we cannot file our subsidy demands and he didn’t even bother to respond when we demanded that the work be completed in a timely manner in spring!

The digestion problems I’ve had since the beginning of the year convinced me to finally submit to tests and I had to endure a coloscopy (the test itself lasted just fifteen minutes but the two days of liquid diet and “preparation” were hellish!). They found that I was suffering from fatty liver and a sigmoidal diverticulosis (which could complicate into a diverticulitis). More stuff to be careful about…

This string of problems made me rather depressed. What’s the purpose to constantly fight if it is to simply eat in order to work, and work in order to be able to eat? I felt like the entropy of the world was catching up to me: the world was stopping making any sense, I was getting tired and weaker, everything was crumbling around me! Fortunately, writing and working on the blog was some sort of therapy for me and I now feel much better. Spring will be arriving in a little more than a month (despite mixed signals from the groundhogs) and we’ll be able to enjoy flowers under the sun again!

In the news, Catalonia declared independence from Spain, Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital (killing all chances of peace in the Middle East), Disney acquired most of 21st Century Fox, the #metoo social awakening happened, the U.S. government shotdown twice, the Dow Jones droppedSpaceX launched its Falcon Heavy rocket with a Tesla car as payload (!), there was a missile false alarm in Hawaii and Japan, we had various disasters (wild fires in California, mudslides, earthquakes, floods in Europe), and the usual Trump craziness makes me despair for some sanity. Finally, there nothing much on TV since it’s the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics!

Despite everything, I managed to stay a little acquainted with the affairs of the world and gathered many notable news & links — which I now share with you (in both french or english, slightly categorized, but in no particular order — note that, to save on coding time, the links will NOT open in a new window as usual), after the jump.

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