Doodling girls

DoodlingGirls-covGhislain Barbe is best known for designing the visual aspects of several science fiction franchises such as Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles and Tribe 8. He also created the visuals for the characters of PBS’s cartoon TV series Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat and worked as Art Director in the videogame industry. Doodling Girls 2017 is a collection of girls illustrations taken from his 2016 and 2017 Sketchbooks. (From the publisher’s website)

All these doodles were made for the fun of it (i.e. no commercial purposes) between January 1st of 2016 and December 31st of 2017. Some might have been inspired by pictures seen here and there, other are pure products of the need to fill a piece of paper. (Book’s introduction)

The reason I find difficult to read books written by people I know is that I am always afraid that I might not like them and have to make negative comments… I really want to talk about this book, but unfortunately I found it quite disappointing. So, I guess it will be a case of “Qui bene amat bene castigat”…

Above all, I must say that Ghislain Barbe is without contest one of the best artist I have ever known. He is incredibly fast and extremely creative. His art is usually quite great. I particularly like his character designs (although he can do great mechanical designs too). I still remember this young man, both shy and quite volubile, from Quebec City knocking on our office door with his portfolio under the arm. We were impressed right away by his work and I have always had great respect for him. After doing cover and illustration works for Ianus Publication/Protoculture and, later, Dream Pod 9 (Alternate Reality Cyberpunk, Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles, Tribe 8), he worked at CinéGroupe as character designer (on animation like Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat, Lion of Oz, Pig City), and then as concept artist as well as art director for Behaviour Interactive (on videogames like Carmen Sandiego and the Secret of the Stolen Drums, Disney’s Planes or Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade MMO). He also illustrated Annie Bacon’s series “Le gardien des soirs de bridge published by Les Éditions Druide. His talent is well recognized.

DoodlingGirls-3The Doodling Girls’ illustrations themselves are quite good even if they are simple sketches. Barbe made those morning doodles every day to keep is drawing hand and his creativity sharp (and probably also to keep his sanity through the vicissitudes and trials of life — a widower rising three teenage girls might certainly have its challenges). I understand that perfectly since that’s what I am trying to do with this blog, trying to write a few hundreds words each day to keep my mind sharp and my sanity. Here, this book gathers some of those doodles that all share one thematic: girls — in all styles or situations, from the silly to the macabre. It is an interesting concept to make use of those doodles, and gather them in an impromptu portfolio. He probably got tired of working on other’s people books and wanted to do one just for himself (and his girls) — for the fun of it ! So, he self-published it (under the name Clay Book Press) using Hopefully more books will follow, like Doodling Girls 2018-19, Doodling Creatures (as he draws more than girls), or simply Morning Doodles, or even Meeting Doodles (as I know he was also doodling in production meetings!)…

DoodlingGirls-5If the artist is great and the concept is interesting and the drawings themselves are good, then what’s the problem? The disappointment lies in the annoyingly sloppy execution of the concept — although none of this is really the fault of the artist. First, the book offers very little introduction (less than fifty words!) and there are no page numbers, titles, descriptions, production dates or commentaries for the illustrations. This book definitely lacks text. Second, I am sorry to report that my copy has a defect in the printing of the cover (the cover is badly cut: the spine titles are actually on the cover itself and there’s a white bands on the left side of the back cover where we can see crop marks!). Very bad quality control! That printer should be hanged: defective copies should never make it to distribution!! Please choose your printer wisely! Third, the book was printed in the USA, purchased via and shipped by Book Depository in the U.K. ! That’s the worse example of a wasteful distribution chain I’ve ever seen. Please choose your mean of distribution even more wisely! Finally, that kind of book would usually sell for $15 to $30… $53.76 [although it depends on the seller: from US$ 31.72 on AbeBooks and US$33.22 on Barnes & Noble to C$ 44.17 on] is a little too much (particularly for artwork that are already available for free on the internet: Behance, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.)! That’s what happens when there are too many intermediaries, each taking their share (, the printer, the seller, the distributor, the shipping cost, etc.). All inclusive “publishers” like are not always the perfect solution, unfortunately (but, I’ll admit, they are convenient). In a way, I don’t really mind because I wanted to encourage the artist in his endeavour no matter the price. Otherwise, it’s really too expensive! Sorry, Ghis! I am sure you could have done better!

All in all, despite its shortcomings, it IS a nice book. It is an artbook, so it’s not something you will really “read”, but it makes for a pleasing coffee table or bedside book. So, don’t hesitate to purchase this book to encourage the artist. However, if you want to see his best works, it’s probably better to buy one of his other books (like a Heavy Gear Rulebook for example)! 


Doodling Girls, by Ghislain Barbe. Montreal: Clay Book Press (, December 2018. 160 pages, 15 x 23 x 1.7 cm, US$ 33.22 / C$ 44.17, ISBN 978-0-359-20459-5. For readership of all age. (See back cover). stars-3-0

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© 2018 by Ghislain Barbe.

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Je suis un chat

Je-suis-un-chat“Le célèbre roman de Sôseki devient un manga. Célèbre et désopilant. Vue par l’œil ironique d’un chat doté de remarquables talents d’observation et d’analyse, voici la vie d’un professeur d’anglais et de son entourage au début du vingtième siècle, lorsque le Japon est secoué par l’essor des valeurs mercantiles venues d’Occident.

Le professeur Kushami, double de l’auteur, sa famille, ses visiteurs, l’étudiant amoureux, le tireur de pousse-pousse, le riche industriel, la maîtresse de koto, sans oublier les chats, l’univers fantaisiste et débridé du roman est parfaitement restitué, avec toute sa richesse et sa profondeur.”

(D’après le site de l’éditeur; voir aussi la couverture arrière)

Je suis un chat (吾輩は猫である / Wagahai wa, neko de aru / lit. “Moi qui suis un chat”) est l’adaptation en manga d’un classique de la littérature japonaise par le romancier Sôseki. Le roman avait d’abord été publié en feuilletons dans la revue littéraire Hototogisu entre 1905 et 1906. 

9782809711905_pgKushami est professeur de littérature anglaise à l’ère Meiji et tout un monde orbite autour de lui: ses étudiants (Meitei, Kangetsu), ses amis, sa famille, ses voisins. Le témoin de cette vie quotidienne est un chat sans nom, qui prends ici la place d’un narrateur omniscient. Il s’agit d’un récit satirique, qui parodie la classe moyenne japonaise ayant adopté tant bien que mal les coutumes de l’occident et qui se prends des airs arrogants. Une bonne partie de l’intrigue se déroule autour des spéculations sur le possible marriage de Kangetsu avec Tomiko, la fille des Kaneda — un riche marchand. Malheureusement, l’histoire finit mal pour le chat…

Le récit est très amusant et assez proche de l’oeuvre originale. Par contre, le style graphique est plutôt décevant: il est très simple (épuré, voir primitif) mais il fait tout de même le travail et illustre bien le récit. C’est une excellente façon de faire connaître cet oeuvre de Natsume Sōseki — dont le personnage est un peu l’alter ego de Sōseki qui était lui aussi professeur de littérature anglaise.

Je suis un chat, par Cobato Tirol (Traduction par Patrick Honnoré). Arles: Éditions Philippe Picquier, août 2016. 208 pages, 14,50€ / C$ 26.95, ISBN-13 : 978-2-8097-1190-5. Pour lectorat de tout âge. stars-3-0

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© Tirol Cobato / Home She, 2010. © Éditions Philippe Picquier 2016 pour la traduction française.

A noter que l’on retrouve d’autre mangas aux Éditions Philippe Picquier:

Miss Hokusai Tome 1, par SUGIURA Hinako.
Dix Nuits Dix Rêves, par KONDÔ Yôko (D’après le roman de Sôseki).
La porte,  par INOUE Daisuke (d’après le roman de Sôseki).

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Star Trek Discovery

StarTrekDiscoverySeason2First, I must say that Discovery is definitely one of the best Star Trek TV series I have seen in a long time. If we don’t count the animated series and the movies, it is the sixth Star Trek series (after Star Trek The Original Series (1966-69), The Next Generation (1987–94), Deep Space Nine (1993–99), Voyager (1995–2001), and Enterprise (2001–2005)). After The Original, none of these series were really satisfactory (in imagination, plot and action) until Discovery.

For the first time, with Discovery, the main character of a series is NOT the captain of the USS Entreprise. The series focus on Michael Burnham (played by Sonequa Martin-Green [The Walking Dead]) who is the First Officer of the USS Shenzhou in the beginning before becoming Science Specialist on the USS Discovery. Born in 2226, she is a xenoanthropologist raised on Vulcan by her adoptive parents, Vulcan ambassador Sarek (James Frain) and his human wife Amanda (Mia Kirshner). She is therefore Spock‘s foster sister! Her biological parents were killed during a Klingon raid on Doctari Alpha.

The first season, set a decade before the Original series, focuses on the FederationKlingon war. During a rare encounter of the Shenzhou with the Klingons, Burnham uses her knowledge of Klingon and Vulcan strategy to try preventing the war but act against her captain’s orders. She fails and Georgiou is killed in the ensuing battle. Burnham is sentenced to life in prison for mutiny, but during a prison transfer her shuttle is damaged and she is rescued by the USS Discovery, commanded by Captain Gabriel Lorca (Jason Isaacs), where she is given a temporary position of Science Officer. The Discovery uses an experimental spore drive which, after sabotage, brings them to a parallel universe where Captain Georgiou is the Empress of the Terran Empire! After multiple trials and betrayals, the crew succeeds to end the war.

In season two (which is not over yet, as three more episodes remain to air), the captain of the USS Enterprise, Christopher Pike, takes emergency command of the Discovery from interim-captain Saru (Doug Jones) in order to investigate a series of mysterious signals. Spock (Ethan Peck), who appears to have suffered a mental breakdown, has had foreknowledge of those signals, which seem linked to the apparition of a mysterious Red Angel. They must find Spock before Section 31 to try to unravel the mystery…

The latest episode (“If Memory Serves”, 8th episode of the 2nd season and 23rd episode of the series, which aired on March 7th) was particularly impressive. It starts with “Previously on Star Trek” and then shows scenes from the pilot episode of the Original series (“The Cage”, produced in 1964-65 was never aired but later partly used in episodes 11 & 12, “The Menagerie”). In the original pilot, the captain of the Entreprise was not Kirk but Pike and Spock is the only crew-member who remained in the series. In Discovery, Spock brings Burnham to Talos IV so the Talosian can read his mind and show crucial information to Burnham, therefore both healing him and their relationship. That episode was quite something.

It has been relatively well received (with a rating of 7.4 on IMDb, an overall Rotten Tomatoes critic rating of 82% [but an audience score of 48%, are they mad? !!!] and the same 82% for season 2 [this time with an audience score of 29%! Unbelievable !!!]. In my point of view, it is a series that is well worth watching, even if you know nothing of Star Trek. It is simply very good science fiction. And a third season has already been commissioned. stars-3-5

Apparently, more live-action series are planned including one with Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and one with Captain Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) focusing on the activities of Section 31. 

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On the frontier

9782505069812_cg“Avec ses histoires « tranches de vie », qui vous feront voyager de la douce innocence de l’enfance aux désillusions de la vieillesse avec des personnages hauts en couleur, ce titre émouvant se doit de finir entre vos mains. Un recueil d’histoires courtes poignantes, remplies d’émotions et de poésie.”

On the frontier (辺境で 伊図透作品集 / Henkyo de – izu toru sakuhin-shu / lit. “At the frontier: Izu Toru Work Collection”) est un recueil rassemblant huit courtes premières oeuvres de Tôru Izu pré-publié entre 2007 et 2015 dans différents magazines. Il a été publié en 2016 chez Enterbrain (éditeur de Comic Beam). C’est le cinquième manga de Tôru Izu à être publié au Japon (après Mitsubachi no Kiss [ミツバチのキス / lit. “Kiss of the Killer Bee”, Futabasha, 2 vol., 2008], Onsa no Hibiki [おんさのひびき / lit. “Echo of the ancient time”, Futabasha, 3 vol., 2009], Ace [エイス, Kodansha, 3 vol., 2012], et Juuza no Uruna [銃座のウルナ / lit. “Urna of the gun turret”, Enterbrain, 6 vol. +, 2015]) mais le premier à être traduit en français.

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 19.39.22Dans “Steel Blue” (Steel Blue, 30 pages), une jeune étudiante en arts graphique, Kako Amakasu, choisie de faire une sculpture comme projet de fin d’étude au lieu d’un dessin comme ses collègues. Elle prends comme matériaux un rail de chemin de fer et des boulons qu’elle soude ensemble. Malgré les difficultés et son inexpérience avec la technique, elle est assez satisfaite du résultat même s’il laisse les professeurs un peu perplexes. Pré-publié chez Futabasha dans le magazine Manga Action (Avril 2008). Lauréat du 5e prix de Manga Action récompensant les débutants. C’est mon histoire favorite du lot. stars-4-0


Dans “Lace tes chaussures!” (靴ひもを結べ!/ Kutsu himo o musube!, 30 pages), on retrouve une Kanako Amakasu plus jeune (en dernière année de secondaire, juste avant d’entrer au collège) qui s’inquiète de sa carrière et du fait qu’être une femme est limitatif. Elle trouve les garçon idiots. Pourtant, elle se lie d’amitié avec Eto et Sakai qui aiment jouer à chat perché sur les hauteurs. Elle admire leur insouciance mais les incite tout de même à penser à leur avenir… Cette histoire a été pré-publié dans Manga Action (Septembre 2008) et constitue la première apparition (sous des noms différents) des personnages de sa série Onsa no Hibiki. stars-3-0

Dans “Lace tes chaussures! Épisode hivernal” (靴ひもを結べ!・冬 / Kutsu himo o musube! Fuyu, 24 pages), Kô Mizuura (qui que n’a que quatre orteilles aux pieds) vit à l’orphelinat “La maison de Hibikigaoka” avec Satomi, Daisuke, et Takashi. Il a un petit boulot de distributeur de journaux mais n’aime pas le faire en hiver car il a froid au pieds. Il est amateur de chaussures et admire les bottes d’une serveuse de café mais ne croit pas pouvoir se les payer. Pré-publié dans Gekkan Comic Beam (septembre 2015). stars-3-0

Dans “On the frontier” (辺境で / Henkyō de, 42 pages), des hommes travaillent dure à la construction d’un chemin de fer dans un pays désertique mais froid qui n’est pas nommé (possiblement en Amérique du Sud?). Il s’agit d’une dictature où la guérilla fait rage. Les accidents de construction ne sont pas rares et souvent ils sont mortels. Un jeune se joint à l’équipe. C’est en fait un journaliste incognito mais il est découvert et exécuté… Toutefois, le contre-maître voit à le venger. Pré-publié dans Big Comic Spirits Casual (mai 2007) et lauréat du 59e prix Shinjin Komikku Taishô de Shōgakukan (débutant, catégorie seinen). J’aime bien. stars-3-5

Dans “”Laisse-moi” (ほっとけ / Hottoke, 16 pages), Mako s’inquiète pour Junki qui est dehors tard le soir à jouer seul car ses parents travaillent et ne sont jamais là. Elle s’inquiète aussi pour Eto que personne n’a vue depuis plusieurs jours. Elle trouve une excuse pour passer voir Junki, pensant qu’il s’ennui mais il s’amuse dans son imaginaire… Dans “Cerisier” (さくら / Sakura, 11 pages), des policiers visionnent une video où un jeune garçon se fait battre par un sadique. S’agit-il d’Eto? Dans “La pierre d’Union Soviétique” (ソ連の石 / Soren no ishi, 27 pages), Mako croise Eto dans le train. Il est plus sale et défraîchi qu’à l’habitude. Ils parlent de leur avenir. Eto lui remet une pierre qu’il dit avoir trouvé en Union Soviétique où il serait allé plusieurs fois comme passager clandestin. Il veut voyager autour du monde et découvrir les merveilles qui se font à l’étranger. Elle boude car elle ne veut pas qu’il reparte sans lui dire à elle et à Junki. Ces trois récits ont été publié à compte d’auteur (doujinshi?) dans le recueil Récits qui ont débordé puis sombré (あふれてしずんだお話たち / Afurete shizunda ohanashi-tachi, publié en décembre 2014 chez l’éditeur クリーク・アンド・リバー社 / Kurīku Ando ribā-sha / lit. “Ruisseau et rivière”). Le second est pratiquement incompréhensible et le plus intéressant du lot est le troisième. stars-2-5

Dans “Sans titre” (No Title, 40 pages), un gamin qui aime se balader sur les trains clandestinement et dit vouloir faire le tour du monde sans payer (Eto?) passe du temps avec les cheminots. Le vieux Duka lui montre les rudiment du métier. Mais celui est mis à la retraite et met fin à ses jours. Le jeune continue à se tenir avec le cheminots et McLintock s’occupe de lui un peu. C’est une histoire que Izu a créée avant de devenir mangaka. stars-3-0

Le style graphique de Tôru Izu, qui me semble influencé par celui de Leiji Matsumoto, est assez uniforme tout au long du volume. Par contre, les différentes histoires courtes sont de qualité et d’intérêt assez variable. Dans l’ensemble, le récit manque parfois de fluidité à un point où, dans certaine occasions, on se demande un peu ce qui se passe dans l’histoire. On the frontier demeure une bonne lecture et j’aimerais bien voir la traduction d’autres titres de cet auteur (comme Onsa no Hibiki, dont plusieurs histoires de ce livre semblent être la genèse, ou Juuza no Uruna qui a déjà été traduit en espagnol). La collection “Made In” de Kana semble offrir de nombreux auteurs peu connus mais intéressants et qui méritent probablement un coup d’oeil…

On the frontier : Recueil d’histoires courtes, par Tôru Izu (traduction par Pascale Simon). Bruxelles: Kana (Coll. Made In), mars 2018. 240 p., 14.8 x 21.0 cm, 15,00 € / $C 26.95. ISBN 978-2-5050-6981-2. Manga seinen pour public jeune adulte (14+). Un extrait est disponible sur le site de l’éditeur. Aussi disponible en format électronique sur iTunes. (Voir couverture arrière) stars-3-0

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© 2016 IZU Toru. All rights reserved. Édition française © Kana (Dargaud-Lombard s.a.) 2018.

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Victoria S03

VictoriaS03What first interested me into this series was the fact that Jenna Coleman (one of the best Doctor Who companions) had the starring role. But, of course, it was also a very good British historical TV drama, so that was plenty of reasons to follow it. 

In season 3, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are now older (close to their 30s) and have already six children. This time the story is less political (although it covers the machinations of the foreign secretary, Lord Palmerston, and the monarchy being threaten by anarchists, the revolutionary wind from France or the Chartists) and is more centred around the family. The couple struggles as they become disenchanted with each other, bringing the various type of emotions that any couple would experienced with time, but having their differences being fanned by the plotting of Victoria’s estranged sister, Feodora. Albert exhaust himself trying to find his own place (with pet projects like being the Chancellor of Cambridge or organizing the Great Exhibition). They try to give the unruly Bertie (the future king Edward VII) a proper education.

When it comes to the personal life of monarchs I am not sure if this story is truly historical — it is probably mostly dramatized — but it is quite interesting. It was well received (rating of 8.2 on IMDb as well as an average tomatometer of 84% for the whole series and an audience score of 81% for Season 3 on Rotten Tomatoes) and is well worth watching. stars-3-5

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True Detective, S03

TrueDetectiveS03“An anthology series in which police investigations unearth the personal and professional secrets of those involved, both within and outside the law”. Created by Nic Pizzolatto, with Mahershala Ali (as Wayne Hays), Stephen Dorff (as Roland West) and Carmen Ejogo (as Amelia Reardon). In the deep America Arkansas in the 1980s, two kids go missing a few weeks after Halloween. The boy is found dead and the girl is never seen again… In 2015, the crew for a crime investigation TV show is interviewing the retired detective who was in charge of this unsolved crime. The storytelling keep switching between the two era (and many years in between) as the detective remembers the details of the investigation — that’s IF he can remember, because he is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. In this rummaging of the past, he becomes determined to solve this mystery once and for all.

The first two seasons (set in Louisiana with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, and then in California with Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams) were more about the horrors of the crime, the darkness and corruption of the human psyche, wrapped in a mysterious aura. This time, the series seems more down to earth as the detectives are investigating a rather ordinary crime that is made to look like a horrible case of pedophile ring by the simple incompetence of the police work and high level political interference. The interest of the story now lies somewhere else, more into the form and less into the content. This simple case is rendered complex through its maniacal storytelling with constant flashbacks alternating with flash-forwards. It’s as if the script had been shred into pieces and we try to reconstruct the plot strip by strip, in random order. This is purposely and skillfully done to make the viewers deeply feel the confusion in the mind of the main character who suffers from dementia. As annoying a device as it could be, it is VERY effective — mostly because of the dazzling acting performance of Mahershala Ali (Academy Awards winner for Best Supporting Actor in Moonlight in 2016 and in Green Book in 2018).

If solving the crime is the obsession of the mains characters, the story itself is less about the investigation as it is about the conflits between the protagonists: between the two detectives themselves, between the detectives and their higher hierarchy, between the victims’ parents, between Hays and his girlfriend/wife — who are all under tremendous pressure to see the case solved — or even within Hays himself as he struggles to remember. This series might also have a slight supernatural aspect when Hays (haze?) confronts the ghosts of his past (the Viet congs, the conversations with his dead wife) — or is it rather due to the disease? The series exposes the emotional range that the characters go through as they all try to successfully resolve their conflicts — or not. In the end, despite the laboured and twisted storytelling, the mystery will be solved—but the man who once was a ranger in Vietnam slowly gets lost in the jungle of his own mind…

Despite lower Nielsen ratings than the previous two seasons, the series was well received with an overall IMDb rating of 9.0 (for all three seasons) and Rotten Tomatoes ratings of 85% / 83% (compared to 87% / 97% for the first season and 64% / 60% for the second). All in all, for me, it’s an excellent TV series and probably my favourite of the three seasons. stars-4-0

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dBD #130

dBD130-covJe feuillette le plus récent numéro de dBD (février 2019) dans l’espoir de découvrir de nouveau titres intéressants. Malheureusement, je suis déçu car je n’y trouve rien de bien passionnant pour moi. Toutefois, ce numéro nous offre un hommage à Stan Lee par une interview avec Jean-Marc Lainé (biographe de l’artiste américain) et une interview avec Didier Tarquin (Lanfeust de Troy) qui revient avec U.C.C. Dolores, une BD de SF très prometteuse où une nonne hérite d’un croiseur de guerre et se lance vers la Frontière spatiale (voir le sommaire de ce numéro pour plus de détails sur le contenu). 

Dans le cahier critique on retrouve notamment Nymphéas Noirs de Cassegrain, Duval & Bussi chez Dupuis (adaptation d’un thriller de Bussi qui se déroule à Giverny, “quoi de plus naturel que d’adapter un roman policier aux airs impressionnistes en BD”), Journal d’une vie tranquille par Tetsuya Chiba (Ashita no Joe) chez Vega (autobiographie de son enfance en Mandchourie, “extrêmement séduisant”), Avant de partir par Jung & Koo chez Sarbacane (manhwa coréen “merveilleusement étrange”), ABCD de la typographie chez Gallimard (ce collectif, scénarisé par David Rault, ambitionne de tracer “l’histoire de la typographie latine, intimement liés à celle de la BD”), Ragna Crimson par Daiki Kobayashi chez Kana (dark fantasy, histoire de chasseurs de dragons avec des personnages attachants, qui “tient pour l’instant ses promesses”), et Talentless t. 3 de Looseboy & Furuya chez Doki-Doki (“un peu la rencontre entre Battle Royale et les X-Men). Un magazine riche en information pour les amateurs de BD.

dBD #130 — Février 2019. [collectif dirigé par Frédéric Bosser] Boulogne-Billancourt: dBD sarl, février 2019. 100 p., 23 x 30 cm, 8.90 €. ISSN 1951-4050. Lectorat adolescent (12+). stars-2-5

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